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Ilnur Zakarin about PRE-RIDE and CYPRUS GRAN FONDO 2022

“For the INEX Club team PRE-RIDE+CGF 2022 is the first event, which is especially important. We tried to foresee all the details and properly prepare. Among the participants were guys from Israel, Lithuania, Russia and Germany. The acquaintance with everyone passed easily - already on the second day everyone opened up, began to openly communicate on various topics - who is from where, what they do, how to become an athlete and, of course, many, many details about bikes and racing. I believe that the combination of a change of atmosphere and active sports always has a positive effect on both health and the general emotional state of a person. Such a shake-up is now needed by many. This week has been very intense and productive! As a result - the podium is ours!
Yesterday at the final dinner, I admitted that I was a bit stressed out on my own for some time before PRE-RIDE, but these guys, team cohesion and sports spirit got me back on track - in the morning I woke up full of strength and energy, inspired to new achievements. Thanks guys! Inex Team, great start!”

All photos for download availible here