past events

The first INEX Club event - PRE-RIDE CYPRUS GRAN FONDO 2022 is over

All PRE-RIDE participants and the INEX Club team have passed through lots of kilometers, intensive training, analysis sessions of each stage of the upcoming race, we have gained inexpressible emotions from joint meetings at lunches and dinners in local restaurants in Cyprus.

On the third day of PRE-RIDE, we decided to take a break and in the evening we arranged a meeting for all participants at the INEX Lounge for a detailed analysis of the track and its dangerous sections, and also watched the movie of the charity ZAK Camp Cyprus in 2021.

We have a sufficient number of riders, which means we will fight for victory and even in the women's classification! About 5 participants are very well trained and will be able to compete to the fullest.

Friends, all participants received their starting numbers, the INEX Club tent is already filled with energy bars, isotonic drinks, a playlist for a good mood has been made, and special INEX cars are ready!

Vyacheslav Kuznetsov will go to the start with the Sportive group, Ilnur Zakarin will be in charge of the Expert group.

We did a great job during 6 days of PRE-RIDE and really enjoyed the company of our riders!

All photos for download availible here