Gran Prix Cyprus
9- 10 November
Starting from 50 €
Limassol / Agios Theodoros / Zygi / Pentakomo / New Port Limassol
70 km - 1 day (November 9)
30 km - 2 day (November 10)
Are you ready
to test yourself?
Embark on a journey of determination and perseverance with our cycling race section. Our values of passion, resilience, and teamwork drive us towards our ultimate goal: to push boundaries, conquer challenges, and put one more day in the calendar to celebrate our sport. The idea of this event is to bring together remarkable cyclists, their families, children, and supporters who believe in achieving one mutual goal followed by celebration of unity. Join us as we pedal towards victory, fuelled by the thrill of competition and the pursuit of excellence. Together, let's ride towards success, not only for ourselves but also to inspire others to reach new heights in the world of cycling. Let's create lasting memories and a sense of camaraderie as we pedal towards a brighter future together.

Make sure to book your slot soon, the number of participants is limited!

9 - 10 November
Are you ready to embrace
the challenge?
With over 1000 races under our belt, we truly understand the ins and outs. Now, we invite you to be a part of the cycling world, regardless of your skill level. Join us in becoming a part of an exhilarating cycling event that promises to redefine your notions of races.
9 November
Agios Theodoros
On the first day, we will embark on an exhilarating journey from Limassol to Pentakomo, covering diverse landscapes and enjoying scenic coastal views.
10 November
On the second day, you'll take part in a circuit race around the new port area in Limassol. This race offers enthusiasts a chance to feel the thrill of competition and savor vibrant days on this beautiful island.
Finish line
Expect not only adrenaline on the track but also a comfortable environment for your family
Relaxation area will be set up each day. Enjoyable music, kids’ entertainment and a place for everyone to support their riders. Guests will be treated to snacks and refreshments, ensuring a comfortable wait for their champions.
What will be in my participation pack?
This is a welcome gift for all participants which includes:

• Backpack Gran Prix Cyprus
• Water bottle Gran Prix Cyprus
• T-shirt Gran Prix Cyprus
• Dion mini meals and other sponsor gifts
Day 1
* PARKING – If you’re coming to the start by car, we recommend that you park in Dasoudi
Day 2
Finish Line Village
Finish Line Village:
Where Celebration Awaits!
Your family can await their champions at our vibrant Finish Line Village. Enjoyable music, kids' entertainment, a family relaxation area, refreshing drinks, and a colourful ambiance with flags and inflatables.
There will be 12 age categories – 6 for men and 6 for women. The prices will be vouchers for INEX Store or any other service at the INEX Cycling Coffee Garage (INEX Cafe is not included in the offer). First three places in each category will receive a voucher for 300€, 200€ and 100€ respectively. The overall winners will receive an additional voucher and will be named the ultimate champions of Grand Prix Cyprus.
The race is a gift for those participating in the Gran Tour Cyprus. Join now and get the race for free!
Race rules

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