INEX Club Terms and conditions
This Тerms and conditions apply (as applicable) to:
  • interaction with the INEX Club ( and INEX Club online store
  • ( websites;
  • the provision of services by ZAK INEX CLUB to the INEX Club participants and non-participants;
  • participation in Club races, races in Club uniform;
  • participation in trips organized by ZAK INEX CLUB;
  • shopping in the INEX Club store and in the INEX Club online store;
  • visiting INEX café.
  • These Тerms and conditions contain rules for Club participants and those who use Company’s services, shop and online shop without being a Club participant.
  • However we are always ready to deviate from the rules contained in these Terms and conditions if this does not violate the law or the rights of others, but is necessary from the point of view of reasonableness and fairness.
About INEX Club
INEX Club is a club founded by cycling enthusiasts, for everyone who is interested in road and other races, regardless of age and training level.
The Club is a community of people who are passionate about cycling, organized and managed by ZAK INEX Club.
Everyone who comes to us will be able to discover something new in cycling and improve their riding level.
We create an atmosphere of camaraderie, mutual help, support and a sense of responsibility for those who are next to us - in the field or at the table of our café.
The motto of our club is: “Let’s change lives through sport”
Cyclist – a person who participates in the races of the Club based on these Terms and conditions (regardless of participation), as well as a participant of the Club who rides independently.
A Participant – a person who has paid for participation in the Club.
Company – ZAK INEX CLUB LTD, with registered office at 58, Leoforos Ellados, Paphos 8020, Cyprus.
Club – the community of cycling enthusiasts who use such service of the Company, as a Club participation, organized and managed by Company.
The responsibilities, rights and obligations in relation to the Club referred to in this and conditions legally belong to the Company.
Riding with the Сlub. Services of the Company.
Whether riding with the Club1 or outside the Club in Club attire, Participants represent the Club and show their respect and courtesy to other riders and road users.
Cycling is a technically complex and dangerous sport.
1 Hereinafter we mean any races conducted by the Club and/or the ZAK inex club Company, including on the basis of agreements with hotel operating companies, stores, other private companies and individuals.
When participating in Club races or individual races, Cyclists agree to comply with the following requirements:
  • The traffic rules of the country in which the race takes place must be observed;
  • Wearing helmets is mandatory for all rides;
  • Check the condition of your bicycle before each ride, including but not limited to:
o tire pressure;
o the condition of the braking system;
o the integrity of the frame, fork, seat post and other components of the bicycle; o the battery charge of the bicycle computer and the gear shift system;
o the tightness of the bicycle parts.
  • When riding in a group, the Cyclist must know the basic conditional signals and use them to warn the other members of the group of potential hazards.
  • It is the Cyclist's responsibility to study the route prior to riding in order to assess potentially hazardous areas and, if riding with the Club, to ask the necessary questions of the accompanying instructor.
  • The Cyclist is obliged to independently determine the optimal speed for him/herself, to reduce speed on dangerous sections of the route, up to and including refusing to ride on particularly difficult sections.
  • By participating in the Club's races, the Cyclist acknowledges the dangers and risks associated with such races. Risks include, but are not limited to, collisions with pedestrians, vehicles, other riders, or stationary or moving objects, as well as hazards that may result from the surface, equipment failure, weather conditions, and inadequate protective equipment.
  • By participating in the race, the Cyclist acknowledges that these risks may be caused by his/her own acts or omissions, the acts or omissions of others participating in the ride, the location and conditions under which the activity is conducted, and/or his/her own negligence or the negligence of others, whether or not known or reasonably foreseeable at the time. The Cyclist agrees to use common sense and acknowledges his/her duty of care to other cyclists in his/her vicinity.
  • By participating in the Club's races, the Cyclist assumes all risks and bears full responsibility for his/her actions during the race. The Company is not responsible for the actions of the Cyclist nor for the consequences of such actions.
  • By participating in races of the Club, each Cyclist is responsible for his/her own insurance coverage. Fees paid to the Company, if any, do not include insurance coverage against accident, illness or negligence of the individual cyclist. Any accident or injury caused by the actions of a Cyclist is the sole responsibility of the Cyclist.
  • By participating in the Club's races, each Cyclist is financially responsible for all costs incurred as a result of an accident in which the Cyclist is involved or for which the Cyclist is at fault. This includes, but is not limited to, the cost of police, fire, ambulance or similar services such as mountain rescue. In the event that the bicyclist is unable to call emergency services, or chooses to call emergency services, or fails to do so for any reason, the bicyclist agrees that a Participant or other person may call emergency services. In this case, the cyclist continues to bear the costs and consequences of such actions.
  • By participating in races with the Club, Cyclist waives its right to sue the Company and/or its administrators, directors, agents, trainers, mechanics, masseurs and other employees who participate in races and/or organise other events, and, if applicable, the owners and lessors of the premises where the Club / Company operates, for any liability, claims, demands, losses or damages, now or hereafter incurred, caused or alleged to be caused in whole or in part by Cyclist's participation, association with the Club / Company.
  • By signing the registration form, each Cyclist declares that he/she is physically and mentally able to participate in the event and that he/she has no illnesses or ailments that prevent him/her from participating in the event and that he/she is fit enough to cover the appropriate distance. Should the Cyclist decide during the event to change the route and distance, he/she does so at his/her own risk and peril.
  • The Cyclist agrees that the instructions and routes may vary during the event.
  • No alcohol may be consumed during the ride.
  • Cyclist grants to Company the irrevocable and unrestricted right and permission to use, reuse,
  • publish and republish its image in whole or in part, without limitation as to alteration or reproduction in color or otherwise, by any means now known or hereafter devised, for illustration, promotion, editorial, advertising, trade or other purposes.
  • Cyclist acknowledges that other terms, conditions and agreements may apply in addition to these Terms and conditions. Such other terms, conditions or agreements shall be in addition to these Terms and shall not affect these Terms and conditions.
  • Cyclist acknowledges that nothing in these Terms and Conditions limits or excludes the liability of Club / Company, employees of Club / Company for: (a) death or personal injury caused by negligence; (b) any other matter with respect to which it would be unlawful for the Club / Company, the employees of Company to exclude or limit liability. However, the Participant also agrees that in the event that the Club / Company, the employees of the Company are found at fault, their liability shall in no event exceed 3,000 Euros in the aggregate.
  • The Club / Company assumes no responsibility for the races organized by the Participants.
  • When requesting a massage service from the Company, the Consumer agrees to provide
  • information about his health condition, if the massage may cause adverse health effects.
  • Club participation
  • By joining the Club or participating in Club races on a one-time basis, the Cyclist agrees to these Terms and Conditions and the Company’s Privacy Policy at the time of participating payment or race participation.
  • To join the Club or participate in Club races, the Cyclist must be at least 18 years of age. Activation of participation in the Club takes place online or offline at the time of payment.
  • The Club offers 12 months participation, but in agreement with the club, participation can be paid for a different period.
  • Participating in the Club ends on the last calendar day of the period for which it was paid.
  • Participation in the Club is personal to each Participant and the benefits of participation are for personal use only. Violation of this condition will result in the Participant's expulsion from the Club.
  • The benefits of participation vary depending on the duration of participation. Details of the benefits will be provided by the Company staff.
Participant must be subscribed to the Club's / Company’s marketing emails and communications to receive emails related to their participation benefits, such as welcome emails, early access notifications, and information about upcoming exclusive member products. If you are unsure about subscribing, please contact us at:
Company reserves the right from time to time to change, withdraw and/or substitute any products or services advertised in promotional materials.
The Company has the right, in its sole discretion, to reject the entrant's application, suspend or cancel the entrant's participation in the Club.
Participation is non-transferable and may not be assigned or resold.
The Club will not tolerate abusive, sexist or racist behaviour or harassment of any kind. Reported incidents of this nature entitle the Company to file a complaint with the authorities and to terminate participation in the Club without refund.
The Club / Company expects Participants to behave respectfully toward others and to treat others as they would like to be treated. This also applies to communication during races, on online platforms and social networks.
The Club / Company reserves the right to remove content, deny access or impose a complete ban on access to online platforms if the Participant does not behave in accordance with the above provisions.
The Company collects personal data when an individual becomes a Participant and when Cyclists use services or products that require the collection of personal data.
The Company uses this information to provide requested services, maintain records, notify the Participant of important information related to their participation (e.g., renewal notices), develop the organization, and, if the Participant agrees, send them information of interest.
The Company may, from time to time, share such information with its vendors or partners to enable Participants to receive membership-related services or products not offered directly by the Company or to confirm your Active Participant status.
Unless otherwise expressly stated, the Company does not share such information with other organizations for marketing purposes. If you have any questions about the information we hold about you, please refer to the Company 's Privacy Policy.
These Terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Cyprus and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Cyprus.
Features of online shopping Ordering and availability
Products may be ordered by clicking on the items you wish to purchase and then following the prompts that will appear on-screen. You may check and correct any input errors in your order up until the point at which you submit your order to us on the checkout page.
After placing an order, you will receive an email from us acknowledging that we have received your order and giving you an order reference number. Please note that this does not mean that your order has been accepted. Your order constitutes an offer to us to buy a Product. All orders are subject to acceptance by us. We are not obliged to accept your order and may, at our discretion, decline to accept any order. You do, however, acknowledge that by submitting your order, you enter into an obligation to pay for the Product(s) in the event that your order is accepted by us.
The contract between you and us in relation to the Products ordered (Contract) will only be formed when we send you the Confirmation e-mail. After entering into the Contract, we will be under a legal duty to supply you with goods that are in conformity with the Contract. We will send you an email confirming when the Product been dispatched together with (where applicable) a tracking number.
The Contract will relate only to those Products we have confirmed in the Acceptance Confirmation. We will not be obliged to supply any other Products which may have been part of your order until the acceptance such orders has been confirmed in a separate Acceptance Confirmation.
Our product and service offers apply for as long as they remain visible on, except when special offers are available, in which case the term of validity of those offers will be stipulated on You are advised to check the availability of items on the relevant product information page.
If an item ordered is not available, we reserve the right to cancel the order, in which case you will be notified accordingly. If you place an order for several products one of which is unavailable, we will inform you accordingly. The rest of the order will be processed and dispatched to you within the time limit indicated on
Product information placed in an online store
Whilst we have taken reasonable steps to depict Products as accurately as possible through the photographs and other images featured on, the detailing (such as color, pattern and texture, etc.) you see on-screen will depend on your monitor and, as such, may not exactly reflect the actual detailing of a Product when you receive it.
Any information on regarding sizing of products is included as a guide only. If you are in any doubt as to the size of any product you require, we recommend that you contact us prior to placing an order.
Shipping and delivery
We currently only deliver within Cyprus
We ship our products by AKIS to all Cities in Cyprus, Deliveries are made to homes or pick-up points except for limited service areas defined by AKIS.
Deliveries are made within 3 working days of the order.
Shipping in Cyprus is Free of charge for all orders.
More Information about shipping and delivery
Although we use all reasonable means to ensure that your order is delivered within a specified time, we cannot accept responsibility for late deliveries due to circumstances outside of our control. We will do our best to inform you of any unexpected delay.
If you are not at home when your package is delivered, the courier can hand over the package to the nearest AKIS pick-up point.
Please be advised that on any public holiday dates deliveries will not be made. In this instance, please expect your order to arrive the next business day.
If you would like to further inquire about our shipping information please contact us at the following email:
Our liability
In no event shall we be liable to you for any business losses and any liability we do have for losses you suffer arising from any Contract shall not exceed the purchase price of the relevant Products and is strictly limited to losses that were reasonably foreseeable. Losses are foreseeable where they could be contemplated by you and us at the time your order is accepted by us.
We will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our obligations under any Contract that is caused by events outside our reasonable control.
Cancellation policy and right of return
These Terms and Conditions govern the exchange and return of goods and services purchased from the Company in an offline or online store.
The Company reserves the right to relax the cancellation and return conditions in individual cases, if this does not lead to a violation of applicable legislation.
Please submit any questions you have about these terms and conditions, an order you have placed or ordering in general by e-mail to, by telephone on +357 97912024 from Monday to Friday between 8 AM and 19 PM, Saturday and Sunday between 8 AM and 16 PM.
Goods of proper quality purchased online can be returned within 14 days of receipt of the goods, provided that they have not been used, are in their original packaging with original tags and price tags.
Refunds are made within 14 days from the date of receipt of the consumer's written request by the method by which the goods were paid for.
Goods of proper quality purchased offline can be returned within 7 days from the date of purchase, provided that it has not been used, is in its original packaging with original tags and price tags
The refund will be made after the goods have been returned and no later than 14 days from the date of receipt of the consumer's written request using the payment method used to pay for the goods.
The refund does not apply to equipment that has been assembled (treadmill, elliptical trainer, bicycle, home gym, trampoline, etc.), food and sports nutrition, underwear, swimwear, cosmetics and perfumes.
You may cancel the purchase of Goods through the online store if more than 2 hours have not passed since your order was confirmed. Send a cancellation email to with your order number and details.
Money paid for Company services offline or online, such as: o Personal training;
o Group training;
o Rentals;
o Massages;
o Bike fitting;
o Bike repair and maintenance;
o Selection of insoles for cycling shoes; o Participation in races,
subject to return at the written request of the consumer in case of refusal of the paid service for more than 5 working days.
In case of rejection of the service within a period of less than 5 working days, the funds are non- refundable, while the Company reserves the right to postpone the service to a date convenient for the consumer, but not more than 3 months from the date of rejection of the service.
Club participation
Money paid offline or online for participation in the Club is non-refundable, except in cases of serious illness of the Participants and relocation from the Republic of Cyprus. In this case, the refund is made for the remaining period of participation in the Club, minus the cost of the form provided to the Participant (if any) and other goods, if they were transferred upon joining the Club and were directly related to such joining.
Money paid offline or online for trips organized by the Company (except for one-time races / daily rides) - camps, joint trips to races, etc. are refundable in case of cancellation of the trip at least 2 months from the planned date of its start, unless it is established by the rules of a specific event organized by the Company.
At the same time, if the Company has paid for places of residence, transport tickets and other services of third parties, the refund of the money paid is made in the part in which the relevant third parties returned the money paid to the Company, as well as after such a refund.
Money paid for trips organized by the Company (except for one-time races / daily rides) - camps, joint trips to races, etc. are refundable in case of cancellation of the trip less than 2 months from the planned date of its start, unless it is established by the rules of a specific event organized by the Company.
Storage of bicycles
The Company may accept bicycles and other property from bicyclists for storage on a voluntary basis.
At the same time, the Company is not responsible for the safety of the transferred bicycles and other property in cases of force majeure, which includes, but is not limited to: Fires, regardless of their origin, floods, regardless of their origin, earthquakes, explosions, regardless of their origin, theft, robbery, other circumstances of loss of bicycles and property that occurred through no fault of the Club / Company and their employees.
Since all the property on the premises of the Company is insured, if the Company receives appropriate payments from the insurance company, it will make payments in favor of the Cyclists according to the calculations of the insurance company.
After careful consideration, I, the Cyclist, voluntarily give my consent and expressly agree to all of the above terms and conditions.
By checking the box, I acknowledge that I have read, understand and expressly agree to the above terms and conditions.
Bike rent
The Company may rent bicycles and related equipment (such as helmet, pedals, road computer, bike bag, pump) to Participants and third parties.
To provide a bicycle for rent, the Company may ask you to fill out a form containing personal information, including height and weight. This is necessary to select the appropriate bike.
The company may also ask you to sign a rental agreement. In the event that such an agreement is not signed, the parties agree that the equipment is rented on the terms described in this Terms and conditions.
In addition, the Company may ask for a deposit to cover any damage that may occur to the equipment.
By accepting equipment for rent, the Participant or a third party agrees to return the equipment at the time agreed with the Company representative, pay the rental cost in full, and in case of damage or theft of the equipment, cover 100 % of the original price of damage.