Introduction: Inex Club
All reference to the ‘Inex Club” refers to ZAK INEX CLUB LTD, its subsidiaries and affiliates, Inex Club events, all products, all services (paid and/or free), its staff, employees, subcontractors, agents and representatives.
All reference to the “Inex Club Client”, “Customers”, or “Client” refers to business partners clients and End-Consumers who are purchasing directly on our website. All are bound, as a condition, to comply with the rules set out below.
These General Sales Conditions (hereafter: “GSC”) form an integral part of the contract between the Client and Inex Club. The rights and obligations of the Client and Inex Club are based on the individual written contract, the present GSC and legal regulations. The information contained in Inex Club publications are also to be taken into account.
1. Offer description
The Inex Club offers are composed of Cycling, Run and Camping events as stated in Inex Club Calendar described below.
2. Inex Club Calendar – Season 2022
Inex Club Calendar may be checked on Inex Club Calendar may be subject to change from time to time at Inex Club’s sole discretion.
3. Conditions of sale
3.1. Period of sale: Inex Club Offers are on sale until the quota for sale is reached and publicly announced by Inex Club as “Sold Out”.
3.2 The Inex Club Products are sold on a first come, first served basis.
4. Placing an Order
4.1. To place an Order, the Client must be 18 years of age or over, at the time of the order.
4.2. The Client may place an Order by filling in the Registration Form on the portal and clicking on the “Join” button. Inex Club will not accept Orders placed in any other way than those listed above.
4.3. Inex Club will notify the Client of its acceptance by issuing an Order Confirmation. Inex Club will send the Client’s Order Confirmation by e-mail on the one indicated on the Client’s Order Form. The Order Confirmation will be effective on sending.
4.4. The Contract is concluded between the Client and Inex Club. As a contractual partner of Inex Club, the Client is responsible for all participants it/he/she registers by its Order. These GSC are binding for all participants.
4.5. Whilst Inex Club will make every effort to supply the Client with the Products listed on the Order Confirmation, there may be occasions where Inex Club is unable to supply these Products. In such circumstances, Inex Club will contact the Client to inform him/her and may suggest alternative Products that Client might wish to purchase.
4.5.1. If Client accept Inex Club’s suggestions, then Inex Club will send Client a revised Order Confirmation.
4.5.2. If Client does not accept Inex Club’s suggestions, then Inex Club will cancel Client’s Order in relation to those Products if Inex Club cannot supply and repay Client’s any money that he/she has paid in respect of those Products. Repayment of such monies will be the extent of Inex Club’s liability to Client if Inex Club is unable to deliver to Client the Products he has ordered.
4.6. Information contained in Inex Club advertising, brochures, other written materials, on Inex Club web site or given to Client by Inex Club’s agents or employees constitutes an invitation to treat. No such information constitutes an offer by Inex Club to supply any Products.
4.7. Inex Club is not liable for Order errors which are attributable to the Client or which are caused by unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances.
5. Prices
5.1. The price for the Products will be the price indicated on Client Invoice.
5.2. In case of subsequent increases of the actual costs incurred, Inex Club reserves the right to increase the purchase price of the package after conclusion of the contract, in particular in the following cases:
5.3.1. Increase in transportation costs, including the cost of fuel.
5.3.2. Increase and/or introduction of taxes and/or duties (e.g. taxes, official fees, increase in VAT, etc.).
5.3.3 Modifications to the exchange rates applied to the particular package.
5.3.4. Billing and/or publication errors.
5.4. Price increases may take place in accordance with the regulations of each event. The price increase schedule may be checked on
6. Paying for your Products
6.1. The Inex Club Products are only sold in Euros.
6.2. Client may pay for Client’s Products by the methods of payment as may be displayed on the payment section of the website.
6.3. If Client is paying by credit card, then Client must supply credit card details when Client places his Order. Client’s credit card will be charged when Inex Club issues Client’s Invoice. Inex Club reserves the right to verify the identity of the credit card holder by requesting appropriate documentation.
7. Purchase confirmation
7.1. After each purchase made on the portal, Client will receive a confirmation email with his Invoice and the detail of his Order.
8. Rules & Regulations
8.1. Clients are informed that each Inex Club events can require specific conditions to register. These conditions are mentioned in the Rules and Regulations of each Event that registered clients agreed to at the time of registration.
9. No transferable Products
9.1. Inex Club entries & Extra-services are nominative. They cannot be transferred to anyone else under any circumstances. Each event & Extra-Service are issued in the Client’s name and can only be used by the Client. Identity checks will be made systematically at the registration day of each event.
9.1.1. Any unauthorized use of the Inex Club entries & Extra-services will result in immediate cancellation of the entry and extra-services with no compensation of any kind.
10. Cancellation of an Order by Client
10.1. Client may withdraw from the Event or modify its Order at any time prior to the start of the Event. The declaration of withdrawal must be made in writing. The withdrawal becomes binding as soon as it has been confirmed in writing by Inex Club. The decisive date for the determination of the resulting cancellation fee is the date of notification of the withdrawal declaration to Inex Club.
10.2. The following fees are applicable in case of cancellation:
10.2.1. Administrative fee in case of cancellation: 50 euros
10.2.2. Cancellation fees:
  • From the moment of purchase up to 14 days – 100% refund.
  • If the cancellation is requested later than 14 days after the purchase – 0% of refund.
10.2.3. In case the cancellation is requested less than 3 weeks before the event, Inex Club reserves the right to withhold the fees for the hotel, transfers and other expenses. The Administrative fee specified in clause 10.2.1. applies in this case as well.
10.3. The terms and conditions of Sections 14 and 15 hereunder are reserved.
11. Suspension and Cancellation/Termination
11.1. In the event of a substantial error at the time of the conclusion of the contract, in particular in the case of errors of calculation and/or publication of the Experience price, Inex Club is entitled to terminate the contract. The Client is entitled to a refund of the payments made.
11.2. If the minimum number of participants for an Event is not reached, Inex Club is entitled to cancel the contract up to fourteen (14) Business Days before the planned start of the Event at the latest. The Client is entitled to a refund of the payments made. The Client is also entitled to choose an alternative Experience whenever possible. Further claims for compensation are excluded.
12. Force Majeure
12.1. Inex Club shall not be liable hereunder by reason of any failure or delay in the performance of its obligations hereunder on account of strikes, shortages, riots, insurrection, fires, flood, storm, earthquakes, explosions, acts of God, epidemic, pandemic, war, governmental action, labor conditions, or any other cause which is beyond the reasonable control of Inex Club.
12.2. In the above-mentioned cases, the descriptions of the services in the general publications of Inex Club are not binding. The Client is not entitled to a refund of the purchase price in case of limited or reduced service provision due to an unforeseen and unavoidable event (force majeure). Any other claim for compensation on any grounds whatsoever will be denied.
12.3. In the above-mentioned cases, Inex Club has the right to withdraw from or terminate the contract.
12.3.1. If the contract is cancelled before the start of the Event, the Client may choose a replacement Experience as far as this is possible and agreed with Inex Club.
12.3.2. In the event of cancellation after the start of the Event, any replacement Experience and claims for compensation by the Client are excluded, in particular compensation for additional costs (e.g. flight or hotel costs).
13. Claims
13.1. Obligation of immediate claim: In case of claims during the Event, the Client must immediately inform Inex Club. Inex Club will do its best to find appropriate solutions.
13.2. Client compensation claims: The Client must notify Inex Club in writing with the confirmation indicated in 14.1 within 30 days of the end of the event. In the absence of notification in accordance with point 14.1, the Client is not entitled to any compensation.
13.3. If any of the Services are not performed in accordance with the Contract, Inex Club shall remedy the lack of conformity, unless that is impossible or entails disproportionate costs, taking into account the extent of the lack of conformity and the value of the travel services affected.
13.4. Client may reject the proposed alternative arrangements only if they are not comparable to what was agreed in the Contract or if the price reduction granted is inadequate.
14. Limitation of Liability
14.1. Inex Club is responsible to the Client for the proper execution of the contract, regardless of whether the services due are to be provided by itself or by other service providers.
14.2. Liability for all damages other than personal injury is limited to twice the price of the event for each contract.
14.4. Inex Club is not liable if the non-performance or non-contractual execution of the contract of the Event is due:
14.4.1. Failure by the client (e.g. non-compliance with entry requirements, non-transportation due to pregnancy, criminal sanctions).
14.4.2. Unpredictable or unavoidable failures by third parties (e.g. delays by transport companies, strikes, disruptions in the provision of services by third parties)
14.4.3. Unpredictable or unavoidable circumstances or force majeure (e.g. war, natural disasters, withdrawal of landing rights, authorities’ provisions, lack of driving licenses, epidemics and pandemics and associated official measures)
14.5. In all cases, Inex Club’s liability is limited to the sums resulting from international conventions or national laws in force. In such cases, a more extensive liability of Inex Club is excluded.
14.6. Assignment of claims for damages and/or compensation: If Inex Club compensates the Client for damage caused by a Service Provider, the Client’s claims for compensation against the Service Provider are transferred to Inex Club.
15. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction
15.1. The contractual relationship between the Customer and Inex Club is governed exclusively by Cyprus law.
15.2. Subject to imperative legal regulations, the place of jurisdiction is given by the legal headquarters of Inex Club.
16. Others
16.1. Authentic language: In case of differences in interpretation due to different wording in the different language versions, the English version shall prevail.
16.2. Invalidity of a clause: Should one or more of the above clauses be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining clauses.
16.3. Inex Club may modify the GSC unilaterally at any time. It publishes electronically the current version of the GSC.
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